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Martini shakers are an item that any well stocked bar should have, especially if the bar is in the home of someone who loves this cocktail. A lot more information about this drink and shakers that can be used to make it can be found at MartiniShaker.org. There are so many variations of the drink that they cannot all be mentioned in this article. There are chocolate ones, key lime, pomegranate, rose petal, and dirty ones. A Dirty Martini is made with olive juice that gives it a slightly cloudy appearance. Olives are the typical garnish for this drink, and true fans like to try various flavors of gourmet olives. There are garlic flavor olives and other types to try as well.

Martini ShakerA classic martini has ingredients of gin and vermouth. This version has been made since the early 1900s and continues to be a popular drink today. Over the years, people began using vodka instead of gin mixed with vermouth. This provided an entirely different taste, and people today continue to experiment with all different ingredients. Conservative martini lovers believe that only the classic version of this cocktail should be given this name. All versions of the martini are served very cold, but without ice.

Shakers are always used to create this cocktail by adding the ingredients over ice and shaking it. The first step is to fill the shaker about half full of ice cubes. Vermouth and gin or vodka is then added, and it is shaken. The mixture is then strained and poured into a martini glass, a garnish of an olive is added, and it is served. When making the drink, an adequate amount of ice should be place into the shaker. It is said that the melted water from the ice burns off excess alcohol from the mixture. Most martini shaker sets are sold with the shaker and lid plus strainer.

There are many different styles of shakers available, from classic sterling silver ones that look beautiful next to monogrammed martini glasses at a cocktail party to simple plastic shakers. Stainless steel shakers are probably the most popular of all because they have the classic shiny appearance of sterling, but require no maintenance. They can be put into the dishwasher and used over and over. Many of today’s styles are lighthearted and provide a touch of humor to any gathering. One style looks like a medicine bottle and says, “First Aid,” and another type has realistic looking goldfish that appear to be swimming inside the shaker. Clear acrylic or colored acrylic shakers are also very popular.

One consideration when buying a new martini shaker is whether it will be used to make only this cocktail, or if other types of drinks will also be made in it. Many cocktails are shaken, and if the same shaker will be used for these, some people prefer to buy one that has a stainless steel bottom. The top is often the size and shape of a glass and it fits down into the bottom part of the shaker. It may have measurement markers that make it easy to know how much gin or vodka and vermouth is being added to the cocktail.

The weight of the shaker is another consideration. Stainless steel is very lightweight, whereas lead crystal shakers can be heavy and difficult for some people to handle when making drinks. Some shaker sets include a shot glass and matching serving glasses. Rather than having a separate strainer, some styles have small holes at the top that allow the liquid to be poured into the glass without any ice falling into it. Consumers may also want to consider whether they will use a newly purchased shaker as a decorative piece when it is not being used, or if they plan to use it in the kitchen for mixing other drinks and foods. If it will be used often, a simple stainless steel or stainless and glass set is often the best choice.


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